Personal Vision Factors

Highlands has identified eight critical factors which should be considered in order to make informed decisions regarding career and educational opportunities, job satisfaction, and career/life balance.

As part of the Feedback process included with the Highlands Ability Battery, I will take you through these eight factors and focus on your Natural Abilities, Interests, and Personal Style.  These along with the other remaining factors can be explored further and in much more detail through separate coaching sessions.

The eight factors are:

Natural Abilities - these are identified and measured by the Highlands Ability Battery.  People are happiest and perform best when their natural abilities are employed to the fullest.

Skills - These are those tasks an individual has learned to do well.  They develop over time through study, education, application and practice.  To the extent an individual takes advantage of his/her innate abilities in developing a skill, the skill will be developed more quickly and easily.

Personal Style - Every individual has developed speech patterns, body language, social devices, and personality traits unique to him/her.  Because other individuals respond either more or less favourably to a person's personal style, it's important to identify its ingredients in each individual to enable that individual to relate better to other people.

Interests - Over the years, a person develops interests unique to him/her.  When these are identified, the individual can be helped to combine these with his/her abilities to achieve a fuller and more integrated use of both.

Family Messages - An individual's background and family shape his/her life and work ethic.  People are encouraged to examine and to understand how family history and intra-family relationships have influenced them.

Values - People's values define their reaction to people and events around them.  When a sense of values is combined with knowledge of the other factors making up the whole person, people are helped to bring their plans and options into sharper focus.

Vision & Goals - A personal vision and life purpose will give direction and enable goals to be set which will help bring the vision to pass.  Such goals, which control and drive a person's activities, may need to be modified after learning whether they are compatible with their innate abilities.

Career Development Stage - All individuals confront critical stages or transitions in their lives.  Some of these are work- or career-related.  These issues are sometimes self-created and sometimes caused by external forces (e.g., company downsizing).  By defining and discussing the issues confronting the individual, he/she can be helped through periods of change and stress.

Empowering YOU to Know Yourself...for Life and Work Satisfaction and Effectiveness!

Remember, the goal is to help EMPOWER YOU so that you will be prepared to navigate through career and life decisions.  An informed client is an empowered client who can be an advocate for him/herself.  This applies in increasing productivity and job satisfaction as well as making career choices within and between job opportunities.  All of this, of course, takes knowing oneself well.  That is what I try to accomplish: to help you know yourself well.