Natural Talents & Abilities

"Most people think they know what they are good at.  They are usually wrong."
  - Peter F. Drucker, writer, professor & management consultant

Everyone is born with a range of abilities unique to him or her.  It's fair to say that these abilities are essentially hardwired.  They mature during infancy and can be measured in most individuals after the age of fourteen.

Discovering your natural abilities is a fundamental step towards being successful and satisfied in whatever work you invest your life into.  Everyone can benefit from the Highlands Ability Battery.  Whether you are a student seeking guidance for your studies or a possible career path, or an adult who wants to enhance your career, relieve work stress or change your career direction, the Highlands Ability Battery is the place to start (see More About the HAB).

Rather than relying on self-reporting or assessments by friends and associates, the Highlands Ability Battery is a unique, objective assessment of your natural abilities and gives you a clear and powerful picture of who you really are.

Knowing your abilities and natural talents can help you to:

  • understand where you are naturally talented
  • know how you solve problems and make decisions most effectively
  • understand in black and white why you would be happy in some fields and not happy in others
  • choose the best option from a group of study/career/job/business choices
  • know how to study most effectively
  • know what other jobs within your organisation you would be better and more fulfilled with
  • use your true strengths more effectively and more consistently

Think about when you last chose a holiday, a car or bought a new computer.  You probably spent a great deal of time researching and gathering information, speaking to experts and friends, weighing up different options to try and ensure you made the right choice.

However, when people choose a career, whether it be their first job or a career change, they can restrict their choice to what they think they can do based on looking at adverts.  They do this without really knowing whether this is a job that matches their natural abilities and will fit with their personality, personal work style and values, not to mention their lifetime goals (see Personal Vision Factors).

A great deal of dissatisfaction at work can be traced to having strong talents that you never use.  You therefore owe it to yourself to find out what natural talents and abilities you have been blessed with, and then identify careers to which they would be well suited.

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