YOU are a leader!  Whether you have an official role in an organisation or not, you are still a leader because fundamentally, leadership is about influence.  Leadership happens anytime you influence the thinking, behaviour, or development of another person.  You are a leader…whether at home, at work, or at play!

Having said that, whatever level of leadership you are at right now, there is always room to grow to both better lead yourself and to bring out the best in others.


The purpose of LifePower is to help emerging leaders reach their potential and make a positive difference in their lives, communities, and nation.  The basic LifePower course consists of an initial 10 training sessions on the following leadership and character development themes.

The LifePower programme empowers people in the following areas:

  • Having a desire to succeed in life - the first person to lead is yourself; the ability to begin and finish well; operating in your giftedness; servant leadership; not allowing your gifts take you where your character cannot keep you.
  • Taking charge in the battle of the mind - success starts on the inside; the mind is the battlefield; taking 100% responsibility for your life; giving up excuses and blame, having a victim mentality; self-limiting beliefs; a commitment to excellence and being proactive.
  • Having a vision and life purpose - the importance of vision and purpose in life; passions and desires; staying with your strengths; starting with the end in mind; personal vision/mission statements; every vision needs a plan; identity and security in who you are.
  • Staying focused and using the power of goal-setting - first things first; use of time; managing ourselves; 4 quadrant matrix; setting effective goals; small wins/baby steps; visualisation and mental rehearsal.
  • Living by your values - character and foundational core values; living from the inside out; integrity and trust; overcoming the dark side; the Golden Rule; ethics; it takes a lifetime to build and establish a good reputation, it can take a moment to destroy it.
  • Effective communication - communication is two-way; key skills that can be learnt; active listening; public speaking/presentation skills; cross-cultural differences and the need for cross-cultural understanding and awareness.
  • Successful relationships and the power of teams - importance of interpersonal skills; power of synergy and characteristics of effective teams; levels of commitment and intimacy; forgiveness; love languages; the 5 C's of successful relationships.
  • Dealing with challenges, life-balance and finishing well - change is here to stay; change creates opportunities; courage is not the absence of fear but the mastery of it; learning and growing through adversity; failure is success if we learn from it; finishing well and perseverance; remember the Chinese bamboo tree; life balance; my greatest gift to you is a healthy me.
  • Blessing others - law of sowing and reaping; empowering others; going the extra mile; what will be your legacy?  investing in the next generation; a producer (investor) or a consumer?
  • Celebrating success - the value of celebrating success and rewarding yourself; character-based movie based on a true story.

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