About the Highlands Ability Battery

The Highlands Ability Battery is an objective assessment of your natural abilities and consists of 19 work samples available online.  It's extensive, taking around three hours (but you don't need to complete it in one session) and the results will help you to really understand yourself.

This is not a "test" in the traditional sense of the word.  You can't pass or fail the Highlands Ability Battery!  You are asked to do something in each worksample.  How easily you complete a worksample defines how "naturally" the underlying aptitude comes to you.  Each worksample is timed to reflect your innate abilities and not your skills.  A high score isn't better than a low score, it depends on whether a job requires it or not.  A low score simply highlights a different kind of ability.

The Highlands Ability Battery was originally developed within industry nearly 80 years ago.  It is psychometrically valid and reliable.  This means the information and suggestions that it makes are highly accurate.  Compared to the self-assessments that some people use, it is light years ahead and has been described as the equivalent of getting a CAT scan for a painful injury instead of a traditional x-ray.

After you complete the Battery, you receive a 30+ page report describing your results.  The report is divided into driving abilities, specialised abilities and personal style.  In a 2-hour feedback session (which normally takes place by phone or via Skype, unless face-to-face is possible), I will go over the results with you and discuss your abilities as they relate to your career and the work roles for which your ability profile ideally suits you.

Sample the Highlands Ability Battery: http://highlandsco.com/blank.php

For a sample Adult Report, click here

A special student report is provided when a student completes the Highlands Ability Battery.  This is specially designed to address the student's need to make important choices among options in study and career.

For a sample Student standard Report click here

For a sample Student Career Exploration Report click here