Originally from England, I graduated with a business degree and spent eight years in the electricity industry, working in a number of different corporate positions, including supporting the Board of Directors and Company Secretary.  In 1995, with my wife and our three young children, we left the UK and moved to China for several years.  After a four year spell back in England, we returned to southeast Asia in 2007 for three years and then spent two years in British Columbia, Canada, three years back in the UK, before moving to northern Arizona where we currently reside.

I became interested in coaching after meeting a certified life coach and began to realise how coaching would help empower the emerging generation of future leaders (see LEADERSHIP TRAINING for more details).  With a growing interest in personal development I am interested in helping anyone discover and fulfil their dreams and potential through offering life coaching (see LIFE COACHING for more details).

Having graduated from a 60 hour coach training programme with Creative Results Management in Singapore, I am now working towards accreditation with the International Coach Federation.  I have also received coaching on Jack Canfield's personal coaching programme.

I am a certified Affliliate with The Highlands Company and able to administer the Highlands Ability Battery which is an excellent starting-point for career coaching (see HIGHLANDS ABILITY BATTERY for more details).

In addition, with over 20 years of cross-cultural experience, including numerous relocations within and between China, Thailand, Canada, the UK, and now the USA, I am able to provide consultancy on transition, cross-cultural adjustment, re-entry/culture shock, working with multi-cultural teams, and how to minimise the challenges of living cross-culturally, either as an individual or as a family (see CROSS-CULTURAL CONSULTANCY for more details).  I am a CernySmith qualified coach, able to administer the CernySmith Adjustment Index (see ASSESSMENTS).

For Christian mission teams, as a Clarion consultant, I am able to help teams minimize the factors that often cause team ineffectiveness and failure through Clarion's web-based team development model (  This ongoing process helps team members understand each other's temperament, interpersonal needs, abilities, and values.  Leaders also learn to use an ongoing team assessment process that promotes growth, healthy dynamics, strategic planning, and clear assignment of responsibilities.  Addressing these elements helps mission teams to overcome threats of division, missionary attrition and team failure.