Living the life you want to live? 

You know there is more inside of you.

You know there is a purpose, potential yet untapped, that is waiting to come forth.

Have you reached a turning point or crossroads in your life? 

Are you needing to make an important decision that will impact your future?

Perhaps a new course of education and training, or a sense that you should change your work in the hope that you find something more satisfying instead?

I believe I can help you discover and fulfil your purpose. A good place to start is to discover how you've been made and what your natural abilities are. 

There is no other objective assessment tool available that will help you discover your natural talents and abilities than the Highlands Ability Battery.  By making a relatively small investment now you will receive insights and an understanding about yourself that will last a lifetime, and help you make informed decisions for a successful and fulfilling life.

Students - Educational or career choices?  I can help you plan your studies and careers.

Adults - Unhappy at work?  I can help you achieve greater satisfaction in what you do each day.

Businesses - Utilising your employees' talents for maximum productivity?  I can help marshall the resources inherent in your company's most important assets.

Interested?  Why not contact me for more information about taking the Highlands Ability Battery or for a free sample coaching  session?

I look forward to helping empower you to be all that you can be!

Stuart Simpson DMin, BSc

Life Coach, Cross-Cultural Consultant, Trainer
Certified Highlands Consultant